04/09/2015 Added link to my HearThis account (not Heart His)
21/06/2013 Added 2 new pages featuring Sound Cloud's Player.
22/05/2013 11 new tracks, Let you get away, Let your body fly, Slow dance, Dance for summer, Move when you catch a groove, Flujab, This Routine, Yeah Yeah , Keep dancin, Filofunk and Shifting shores.
19/11/2012 4 track update, Leaving At Dawn, You Don't Have To Worry, Uglijazz Ghosts & Turn The Volume On.
30/10/2012 2 tracks for Halloween, 48 Years & Life Is An Illusion.
09/10/2012 Time to catch-up, 10 tracks, you're gonna need a bigger shelf
Badism's | The Trip | Timepieces | Dust Like Mars | Future This Is | Into Your Soul | More To Life | Make You Feel It | Dialects & Sub Tongues | Approaching Terminal 3
25/05/12 Here's a collection of tracks to celebrate the good weather.
Taxation | The Come On | The Weekend Rush | Love Me Too | Feels so Right | Give Me Space
04/04/12 A brace of new tracks. Your House | Feelings Of You | Lonely Dancer
12/03/12 I'm on roll! a sausage roll! Nasty Aerobics | I Like I Like It
08/03/12 6 (yes six) new tracks As she left i fell in love | Inbound | Start this over | Create me | Sunsets & Waves | Night fly
04/01/12 Happy New Year. Da Movement
25/11/11 A couple of new tracks for your rack. Spontaneous Combustion & Don't Cha Know
17/10/11 A new track for your rack. Drip Fed Life
08/10/11 2 new tracks from the rack. This Grooove & Simply Devoted ( 30.10.2012 - files deleted :(
06/09/11 3 new tracks. Quick trip to the shops, Take a Soulbreak & Slow juicer stripped mix
29/07/11 I've had a bit of a clear out, and deleted some of my older tracks, sorry about that.
22/07/11 Nothing like a weeks holiday in Cornwall to encourage the juices, here's a couple of new track.
Feelin A Mood, Portcurno Beach & Tokyo Traveller.
13/06/11 There's been no rain here for months, so drink this in. Symbolising The Elements
14/04/11 Another new track. What do you take me for
07/04/11 You want more! Okay then, here it is - a new track. Crazee bout You
04/04/11 As its a new financial year - a new track. Dancin and Groovin
22/03/11 A new track. The History of The Past
11/03/11 What a surprise, a new track. Boulevard Cruisers
21/02/11 And another new track. Tomorrow Never Comes
07/02/11 Another new track. The First Time
03/02/11 A new track. Recurring Dream
27/01/11 Two new tracks uploaded, Get Home Safe' and 'Tired of Fooling Around
05/01/11 Happy New Year, two new tracks from the rack, Feels So Good' and 'That Night
21/12/10 Merry Christmas to all my listeners, for you, a new track. Jajazz it's not jazz
09/12/10 Yet another new track, this time, Aversion Therapy
06/12/10 Another new track, Track Tripper
02/12/10 2 Tracks added, The Watcher & Ordinary Day
23/11/10 4 Tracks added from the bottom draw. The Departed | Slow Ride | If It Moves | Grooove Control
09/11/10 New Track added. No Time or Space
15/09/10 New Track added. Warm Nights
28/09/09 At last a Devo Website overhaul...thus keeping this site out of the book, "websites that suck".
08/01/05 Just completed my first remix for Uncle Black. It's a sort of Ambient Dub affair to fit with the original track style. Check out Uncle black,
22/11/04 Website launched.